Your home is one of the most valuable assets that you own. Knowing the exact location of its boundaries is a benefit to you that will also protect your asset from encroachments by the adjoining owners. Don’t wait until the neighbor is building a new fence or making other improvements to order a survey. Should the neighbor encroach onto your property you will still need a survey, but you will also bear the legal expense of having the neighbor remove the encroachment. Not to mention the hard feeling created between neighbors when this happens.

Many think that they already have a survey. Often when a home is purchased the lender requires a “Mortgage Survey” be provided. This type of survey is a certification to the lender that the house and other major improvements are located on the property. They are completed quickly and inexpensively. The property corners are not marked. This type of survey benefits the lender, not the landowner.

As a Licensed Professional Land Surveyor we will perform sufficient measurements to establish your property boundaries. We will mark those boundaries at the corners with an eighteen-inch iron bar, set flush with the existing ground and capped with a yellow cap that has our state license number on the top. If field conditions do not allow us to set an iron bar the corner would be marked using alternative methods. We will then provide a signed and sealed drawing called a “Certificate of Survey” which shows the property surveyed and where the points were set. In addition we would show encroachments and improvements on and adjacent to the property lines. We are licensed and insured for this work.

The cost for the survey is based on our hourly rate and experience as to the time needed to complete your survey. Doing a good job and surveying your property as if it were our own is important to us. Please contact us with your property description from your deed or tax records for a free estimate.

Protect your greatest investment with residential land surveys