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Property Line Survey

These surveys have many different names. Some people call it a boundary survey, a certified survey or a staked survey. Whether you own a lot in a recorded subdivision - a unit of a detached condo - or an acreage parcel, this is what you will order when you want to know the boundaries of your property.

To give you an estimate of cost, we will need some information. We will need to know your lot number and subdivision name - unit number and condominium name - or the legal description of your acreage parcel. You can find this information on your deed, mortgage documents or title insurance policy. (Tax bills often do not have enough information)

To perform the survey, we will do the necessary records research, field measurements, calculations and drafting to be able to mark the corners of your property in the field. The corner markers we set are typically 18 inch long pipes driven flush with the ground. The top of the pipe has a plastic cap with our State of Michigan license number. We will also provide you with a drawing that shows the size and shape of your parcel and identifies which corner markers were found in the field or set by us. This drawing is signed and sealed by a Licensed Professional Surveyor.